PanPastel: Where to begin?

By Anschen Friedrichs.


Contrary to what one may think, you really don’t need a lot to embark on the PanPastel adventure. 

As a start, a Black PanPastel pan and one Sofft tool (with a few replacement sponge heads) would be sufficient.


PanPastel Black 800.5 & PanPastel Sofft-Knife Covers No3 Oval.


For getting your way around this new product, and for exercising purposes, typing paper works okay. Keep in mind that typing paper only works if you use just one colour and layering won’t be possible. Do not consider using typing paper if you plan on exhibiting or selling. This high quality product deserves better!


Original PanPastel piece by Anschen Friedrichs.


I wholeheartedly recommend using Clairefontaine’s Pastelmat as your go-to paper. It not only allows for multiple layers of the fine pigmented professional quality PanPastel, put also results in a high-quality art piece. While Pastelmat does eat into the sponges a bit if you work many layers, it is truly the best paper to use in my opinion. 

Pastelmat paper can be purchased in pads, sheets and rolls. 

Not sure which colour you would like to try?  Artsavingsclub have you sorted! I purchased the below sample set when I first got my PanPastels from them and enjoyed using and experiencing the various options before I invested in the larger packs. 

Note: the set contains 10 of the 14 sample pages. In this sampler you will find the following: Light Grey, Sienna, Brown, White, Anthracite, Maize, Wine, Dark Blue, Sand and Dark Grey.


Pastelmat-A5 Sample Pack.


PanPastels have changed my world!

I cannot wait for you to give it a try or to add a few products if you have already dabbled in this exceptional and enjoyable product. 


Original PanPastel piece by Anschen Friedrichs.




Anschen Friedrichs is a South African visual artist, creative entrepreneur and business owner. Based in Cape Town, her studio overlooks glorious Table Mountain, from where she draws inspiration, finding beauty in everyday life. This amazing, talented artist is intrigued by the relationship between light, shadows and colour in art. She aspires to accurately capture the delicacy of flowers, the details so often overlooked by busy world travelers, and their breathtaking beauty.

“This professional quality, uniquely packaged pastels’ ability to be applied like paint has given me ‘permission’ to work faster and a little looser. I am excited for the journey ahead!” – Anschen.

Thank you, Anschen, for sharing your love of- and experience in this unique medium!