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  • Apply Pastel Color Like Paint Brochure

A brochure explaining how PanPastel can be applied like paint, a colour chart and some techniques.

Digital Version –  Download PDF


  • A catalogue of techniques, colour charts, information on Sofft tools, mediums, mixed media, hand-colouring, surfaces, sets and kits.

Digital Version –  Download PDF


  • Working With A Limited Palette Brochure – Zorn Palette

Anders Zorn was a Swedish artist known for his portraits, he mainly used a limited palette for his paintings. This PanPastel worksheet has 3 worksheets inside to learn how to create a Zorn palette, a values worksheet and a temperature worksheet.  Examples are given, materials needed are listed and the Sofft tool uses and techniques are explained.

Digital Version –  Download PDF


  • Facial Features With PanPastel & Colored Pencils Brochure – Lesson Plan No 1

Lesson Plan no.1 will teach all about creating an eye, nose and mouth with PanPastels and coloured pencil. Full instructions are given, materials needed, how to transfer images and useful tips.

Digital Version –  Download PDF


  • Cloudscape With PanPastel – Lesson Plan No 2

PanPastel Lesson plan no 2 illustrates the techniques used for creating a small cloudscape painting. Materials needed, terms, surfaces, tips and how to hand-colour digital media.

Digital Version –  Download PDF


  •  PanPastel Hand-coloring Digital Photographs – Lesson Plan No 4

PanPastel Lesson Plan no.4 is an interesting lesson on hand-colouring digital photographs. The lesson advises on materials needed, explains the terms used and has useful tips.

Digital Version –  Download PDF


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Apply PanPastel Like Paint, Catalogue & Techniques, Working With A Limited Palette, Facial Features – Lesson Plan 1, Cloudscape – Lesson Plan 2, Hand-coloring Digital Photographs – Lesson Plan 4


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