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Brush & Pencil offer a range of archival and non-toxic artists’ powders to use with colour pencils. Add precise highlights with the same white pigment found in most white colour pencils with the opaque Titanium White powder. When applied with a small sponge applicator to a toothy surface pure Titanium White has maximum covering power and creates the brightest possible whites in the composition. It is easy to correct by lifting with mounting putty and easy to secure to the surface with a fixative.

Suitable for use with oil-based or wax-based coloured pencils, the Powder Blender is a transparent and dry lubricant which stops colour pencils from binding to the surface of the paper.  Apply colour pencil to the desired area (be careful not to press too hard, as this will press the pencil through the powder blender and into the tooth of the paper, making it more difficult to blend) and then apply a small amount of powder blender over the colour pencil, blending and mixing colours as you wish. The colour particles from the pencil will move freely on top of the lubricant, and can be manipulated and blended like soft pastels. It also allows artists to achieve seamless and stroke-free coverage of large areas quickly, and can be used to soften the edge of eraser marks, by blending in colour from adjacent areas.

Product features:

  • White / transparent artists’ powder.
  • Archival; will not affect the longevity of your artwork.
  • Non-toxic, but avoid inhaling dust.
  • Works best on non-absorbent, toothy surfaces such as sanded papers or acrylic gessoes.
  • Apply Titanium White with small sponge applicator.
  • Apply Blender with sponge or brush.
  • Available in 14g jars (with sifter).


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