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Normal colours – Now R90 / Was R115

Flip-Flop colours – Now R105 / Was R135


The innovative” Chameleon Effect” changes the colour tone according to the influence of light and the perspective of the viewer.

Finetec pearlescent colours are excellent quality water-soluble paints with the most beautiful colours.  These Mica watercolours dance and shimmer on paper with a magical effect! Manufactured with carefully selected raw materials of superb quality and the highest quality workmanship, these paints are a must-have in your watercolour collection.

The new formulation of this paint is based on a purified all-natural gum arabic and modern pearlescent and iridescent pigments. Because of the special manufacturing process, the colour cakes get their characteristic and individual wavy surface. The raw materials used are considered non-toxic and the formulations conform to ASTM D-4236. Based on their good lightfastness and high pigmentation these colours are suitable for calligraphy, painting, graphic art and more.

  • A natural product that offers a wide variety of metallic shades, from gold and silver to iridescent, shining pearl colours
  • Add a few drops of water onto the paint, wait a few seconds for the paint to dissolve, then apply with a brush
  • Ideal for creating special effects and highlighting, can be mixed and blended with other paint media
  • Colours adhere to all absorbent surfaces, such as paper, wood, gypsum, etc.

Sold loose as refills for your Finetec sets.

Colours available:

  • Pearlescent Colours:
    • Champagne Silver
    • Arabic Gold
    • Olympic Gold
    • Royal Gold
    • Bronze
    • Copper
    • Vintage lilac
    • Emerald
    • Silver
    • Pearl Silver
    • Blue Silver
    • Pearl Gold
    • Crystal Gold
    • Orange Copper
    • Red
    • Purple
    • Amethyst
    • Sapphire Blue
    • Caribbean Green
    • Deep Black
    • Mystic Colour
    • Platinum
    • Hazelnut
    • Tangelo
    • Ruby
    • Golden Rose
    • Fuchsia
    • High Chroma Blue
    • Mint


  • Iridescent Colours:
    • Gold Iridescent
    • Golden Copper Iridescent
    • Light Purple Iridescent
    • Amethyst Iridescent
    • Saphire Blue Iridescent
    • Jade Green Iridescent


  • Flip-Flop Colours:
    • Twilight
    • Patina
    • Autumn Gold

Choose your product variations

Finetec SetsImagePriceQuantityStockAdd to Cart
Amethyst (1250)Finetec Watercolours Amethyst 1250R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
Amethyst Iridescent (5651)Finetec Watercolours Amethyst (Iridescent) 5651R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
Arabic Gold (620)Finetec Watercolours Arabic Gold 620R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
Blue Silver (1213)Finetec Watercolours Blue Silver 1213R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
Bronze (630)Finetec Watercolours Bronze 630R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
Caribbean Green (1270)Finetec Watercolours Caribbean Green 1270R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
Champagne Silver (611)Finetec Watercolours Champagne 611R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
Copper (631)Finetec Watercolours Copper 631R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
Deep Black (1280)Finetec Watercolours Deep Black 1280R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
Emerald (674)Finetec Watercolours Emerald 674R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
Fuchsia (9043)Finetec Watercolours Fuchsia 9043R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
Gold Iridescent (5624)Finetec Watercolours Gold (Iridescent) 5624R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
Golden Copper Iridescent (5633)Finetec Watercolours Golden Copper (Iridescent) 5633R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
Golden Rose (9034)Finetec Watercolours Golden Rose 9034R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
Hazelnut (2435)Finetec Watercolours Hazelnut 2435R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
Jade Green Iridescent (5671)Finetec Watercolours Jade (Iridescent) 5671R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
Light Purple Iridescent (5642)Finetec Watercolours Light Purple (Iridescent) 5642R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
Mint (9073)Finetec Watercolours Mint 9073R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
Mystic Colour (1290)Finetec Watercolours Mystic Color 1290R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
Olympic Gold (621)Finetec Watercolours Olympic Gold 621R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
Orange Copper (1232)Finetec Watercolours Orange Copper 1232R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
Pearl Gold (1222)Finetec Watercolours Pearl Gold 1222R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
Pearl Silver (1212)Finetec Watercolours Pearl Silver 1212R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
Platinum (2414)Finetec Watercolours Platinum 2414R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
Purple (1241)Finetec Watercolours Purple 1241R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
Red (1240)Finetec Watercolours Red 1240R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
Royal Gold (625)Finetec Watercolours Royal Gold 625R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
Sapphire Blue (1260)Finetec Watercolours Sapphire Blue 1260R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
Sapphire Blue Iridescent (5661)Finetec Watercolours Sapphire Blue (Iridescent) 5661R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
Silver (610)Finetec Watercolours Silver 610R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
Vintage Lilac (652)Finetec Watercolours Vintage Lilac 652R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
Autumn Gold Flip-Flop (692)Finetec Watercolours Autumn Gold 692R135.00 R105.00
In Stock
Crystal Gold (1223)Finetec Watercolours Crystal Gold 1223R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
High Chroma Blue (9062)Finetec Watercolours High Chroma Blue 9062R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
Patina Flip-Flop (2491)Finetec Watercolours Arabic Gold 2491R135.00 R105.00
In Stock
Ruby (2444)Finetec Watercolours Ruby 2444R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
Tangelo (2436)Finetec Watercolours Tangelo 2436R115.00 R90.00
In Stock
Twilight Flip-Flop (2493)Finetec Watercolours Twilight 2493R135.00 R105.00
In Stock

About the brand

Nestled in a small Franconian village in Germany, surrounded by rolling hills and clean energy windmills is where you will find the factory that produces FINETEC pearlescent paints. Draw.TEC is the parent company and owner of the brand “FINETEC”, that is known the world over for quality and consistency. Draw.TEC is part of a rich tradition of German family-owned companies that produce the world’s best art supplies.

The collection of FINETEC brand paints are manufactured with selected raw materials of the highest quality. The basis of this new generation of FINETEC pearlescent colours is formed by purified gum Arabic and high quality, pearlescent pigments. The special manufacturing process gives each colour cake its unique surface. All raw materials used are considered non-toxic and meet the American requirements according to ASTM D-4236. Great attention is paid to 100% quality control, during both manufacturing and assembly. When developing these paints, three things are considered, the customers’ needs, the quality of the product and consistency.

The raw materials and mica pigments used in the paints are all ethically sourced.  All colour products are manufactured exclusively with solar power. The solar modules generate more environmentally green electricity than is consumed.

Finetec Sets

Amethyst (1250), Amethyst Iridescent (5651), Arabic Gold (620), Blue Silver (1213), Bronze (630), Caribbean Green (1270), Champagne Silver (611), Copper (631), Deep Black (1280), Emerald (674), Fuchsia (9043), Gold Iridescent (5624), Golden Copper Iridescent (5633), Golden Rose (9034), Hazelnut (2435), Jade Green Iridescent (5671), Light Purple Iridescent (5642), Mint (9073), Mystic Colour (1290), Olympic Gold (621), Orange Copper (1232), Pearl Gold (1222), Pearl Silver (1212), Platinum (2414), Purple (1241), Red (1240), Royal Gold (625), Sapphire Blue (1260), Sapphire Blue Iridescent (5661), Silver (610), Vintage Lilac (652), Autumn Gold Flip-Flop (692), Crystal Gold (1223), High Chroma Blue (9062), Patina Flip-Flop (2491), Ruby (2444), Tangelo (2436), Twilight Flip-Flop (2493)


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