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Golden High Flow Medium is a 100% acrylic binder system that is designed to modify Golden Airbrush Colours and High Flow Acrylics for increased transparency and film hardness. Engineered to meet the highest standards of professional airbrush illustrators, High Flow Medium possesses excellent spraying properties and is formulated to minimize tip build-up, clogging and surface defects.

High Flow Medium can be blended with Golden Airbrush Colors or High Flow Acrylics in any ratio desired, allowing artists precise control of the transparency of the colours. These attributes are very important for techniques such as shading and smooth gradations.

High Flow Medium can also be used with any of the Golden Heavy Body, Fluid, High Load, and Iridescent & Interference Acrylics. When the mixture of Paint and Airbrush Medium exceeds a ratio of 1:2 or more, High Flow Medium can be added to further thin and extend. This will keep the retarder level balanced for a quicker drying film, without sacrificing sprayability. Golden Airbrush Medium is useful to make products spray better, but it can quickly over-compensate the amount of needed retarding agents.

Available in 30ml, 118ml & 473ml bottles.


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Blending Suggestions
Stir gently to ensure homogeneity before blending with GOLDEN Airbrush Colors or High Flow Acrylics. Also, mix Airbrush Colors and High Flow Acrylics according to label directions before blending with High Flow Medium. Any ratio of High Flow Medium to Airbrush Color or High Flow Acrylics can be used. Generally, a ratio of 5 to 10 parts High Flow Medium to 1 part (by volume) Color is a useful starting point to yield adequate transparency. Careful blending is required to minimize foam generation, as excessive shaking or stirring readily entraps air bubbles which may result in surface defects.

Water can also be used with High Flow Medium and the Airbrush Colors or High Flow Acrylics, but doing so will reduce the sprayability and frisket performance that High Flow Medium enhances. When using water with High Flow Medium, a 1:2 ratio of water to High Flow Medium is the maximum amount of water recommended.

Paint on any non-oily surface. Non-absorbent surfaces should be abraded for increased adhesion. Clean tools with soap and water. Keep tools wet during use. Do not allow the product to dry in an airbrush. Clean airbrush with water, ammonia/water, alcohol or miscellaneous household cleaners (however, consider the effect of cleaner on airbrush parts, such as rings and seals).

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