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The Lightning Pencil is indispensable for brightening areas and adding light spots. It is ideal for obtaining photorealistic effects, offering limitless possibilities for working in layers and for smudging work including the use of oil-based media.

The soft-leaded Thunder Pencil is for darkening, for creating dramatic shading and for enhancing dark areas.

Size: Ø 3.8 mm Lead, 7.5 mm Pencil, oil.


With “Thunder” colours can be darkened and used to create dramatic shades, while the whitening pencil “Lightning” sets light accents and achieves photorealistic and matte surface-smoothing effects. The application does not produce greasy abrasion or wax film. The pigments can be smoothed evenly and allow unlimited work in several layers.


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Lightning Pencil, Thunder Pencil

1 review for Lightning and Thunder Pencils – Cretacolor

  1. Leoni (verified owner)

    I have both of these and they really do work well to lighten and darken areas in a drawing. They are a bit chalky and easily smooths out with a blending stump.

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