Neon Light Polymer Clay – Cernit


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The Cernit Neon light comes in 4 colours, perfect for your summer jewellery or to bring some light to your creations.

Neon Light clay is very fluorescent. The rendering is brilliant and contrasts perfectly with dark colours. Create a touch of light in your canes or use the fluorescent clays alone. Orange, green, yellow or pink, why not combine them with Translucent phosphorescent colour.

Make fluorescent flowers as decoration with the Cernit ball tools.

Even these strong colours do not stain, your material, hands and surface will have no colour residue.

If your Cernit clay has lost its flexibility, mix it with the Cernit Soft mix, it will not lose colour intensity but become as flexible as before.


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Cernit Neon consists of 56g blocks only.

Do not use the microwave! The polymer clay should bake between 110 and 130°C (230-266°F) in a conventional oven for 30 minutes.

Neon Colours

Fuchsia (922), Green (600), Orange (752), Yellow (700)



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