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With its soft, velvety texture and high pigment content, the Neopastel oil pastel offers artists and Fine Art teachers and students a flexible medium with strong colours. Developed in the Caran d’Ache workshops on the advice of expert pastel artists, Neopastel is a must with its huge range of 96 luminous hues, incorporating a wide selection of grey, warm and cold tones.

The Neopastel colour chart shows brilliant colours on glossy black background. Looking at this colour chart will inspire you to try these amazingly soft and velvety oil pastels.  This is a very useful tool to have in your artist’s toolbox!

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NeoPastels are a top quality pastel that adheres without producing the slightest trace of dust. Colourfast shades maintain exceptional covering properties and have soft textures that allow for easy colour mixing. Use on textured paper and fix with acrylic spray when finished for best results. A selection of 96 colours is available in the full range.

Applications: Velvety, luminous pastels with a high pigment concentration and covering texture allow you to apply large quantities of opaque and coloured material, in strokes or as blocks of colour, blended, in washes, in batik, stencil or sgraffito. The form and colour of the medium will determine the final look of the work. Can be used on almost any support (tinted paper, tracing paper or smooth paper, canvas, wood, glass, leather) as well as on dry undercoats such as ink, acrylic, water-based and oil-based paints.

Technical description :

Type: Ultra-high quality oil pastel for Professionals
Water-resistant, soft and velvety texture does not crumble and can be dissolved in white spirit.
Highly concentrated pigment, superior covering power, luminous colours and excellent light resistance.
ASTM D4236 compliant
Techniques: unlimited blending, shading, templates, for impregnating and shading, ” fingerwork “, on numerous media (paper, cardboard, canvas, etc.).
Individual pastels measure 64 mm × 9.5 mm (2-1/2″ × 3/8″)
Permanent pigments
Glides Smoothly and does not create dust

The pastels can be used on most supports (tinted paper, tracing paper or smooth paper, canvas, wood, leather) but work exceptionally well on textured paper.

When used in mixed media pieces these pastels will adhere to dry undercoats such as ink, acrylic, water-based and oil-based paints.

Also available in assortments of 12, 24, 48 and 96 colours as well as a wooden gift set of 96 colours.

Developed and manufactured in Switzerland.


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