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Many artists use pencil lengtheners to get more use out of their valuable short pencil stubs. The Caran d’Ache Pencil Lengthener is made from metal and is a glossy red colour. It is designed to fit hexagonal and round pencils with small diameters such as Cretacolor Charcoal Pencils or Staedtler pencils. Simply push the pencil into the opening, this will stretch the split and grab the stub. This Pencil Lengthener is quite short, it measures only 5 inches (8.8cm), meaning that it will easily fit in a pencil case or pocket. The pencil lengthener is hollow making it is easy to dislodge small stubs, should they get stuck in the barrel.

D’Ache Metal pencil extender will work with these products

  • Neopastels
  • Supracolor
  • Pastel Cubes
  • Museum Aquarelle
  • Grafstone
  • Technalo


It will not work with these products, but the bigger  Caran d’Ache pencil extender will be suitable: 

  • Neocolour I & II
  • Luminance 6901
  • Museum Aquarelle
  • Graphite Line
  • Graphite Line Grafwood


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Caran D’Ache pencil extenders allow you to use your pencils and crayons efficiently down to the last stump.

  • Large diameter clutch-type pencil extender fits comfortably onto Luminance, Museum Aquarelle, Grafwood, Pastel Pencil, Neopastel, Neocolor I, and Neocolor II. Sturdy metal construction with a pencil style clutch design with release push button on the cap
  • Small diameter metal pencil extender, fits Supracolor Soft, Pablo, Prismalo, and Swisscolor pencils.

Pencil not included

1 review for Metal Pencil Lengthener – Caran d’Ache

  1. Azariah

    I love this extender as it is light. I use it with my Staedler pencils. One gets the most out of a pencil, I usually throw out a pencil when its about 3cm long. I draw on A2 drawing paper, and when an extender is placed on a pencil, it makes measuring with a pencil, and measuring angles and crosspoints a delight, since it gives extra length. Using a pencil without an extender makes it difficult to measure large objects on this size paper. I just wish that this extender could fit the graphite line. I found that heavier and broader extenders hinders the drawing process. This is a must for all artists.

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