Pastel Pencils & Cubes Booklet – Caran d’Ache


One colour chart per type allowed (Maximum of 3 colour charts in total per order).

Caran D’Ache extra-fine dry pastel pencils and cubes. The widest palette of dry pastels offering identical colours in two complementary mediums: Pastel Pencil and Pastel Cube. A detailed brochure with information, a colour chart, advice and techniques.


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Pastel Cubes Loose – Caran D’Ache

Extra-fine dry pastels developed in close collaboration with master pastel artists.
The widest palette of shades available identically in two complementary mediums: pencil and cube.
Assortments of pencils, cubes and mixed meet the most demanding standards.

Pastel Pencils Loose – Caran D’Ache

This superbly built pencil line features hexagonal bases, reducing the chance of your pencil rolling off a table or workspace, but also a large, durable 4.7mm lead with a strong point and colours that are highly lightfast, water-soluble and made with ultra-fine pigments. Blending and mixing these pastel coloured pencils is extremely easy when applied to paper with a velvety feel. Keen to perfect this precious medium while following the advice of masters in the art of pastels, Caran d’Ache has endowed its Pastel Pencil range with optimum properties. Extra-fine, highly concentrated pigments offer wonderful luminosity and excellent covering power along with exceptional lightfastness. Available in 84 wonderful colours.

Applications: High pigment concentration for generous blurring. Ideal superimposed for blurred effects, transparency and subtle colour blends.


Caran D’Ache – Pastel Pencil Luxury


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