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If your Cernit clay needs to be softened, the Soft Mix is perfect for the job! The colour stays intact and the consistency is perfect for use. All ranges, including the Doll, can be softened using this product.

For 2/3 of polymer clay Cernit Number One, Metallic, Nature … use 1/3 of the softener. If necessary, use the pasta machine to mix faster and more efficiently. Once it is well mixed and your clay uniform, you can work normally. The softener does not affect the colour.


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If you notice that some of your Cernit polymer clay has lost its flexibility due to, for example, poor storage, you can use the softener without fear of discolouring the colour.

In countries with extreme temperatures, the softener may be needed to soften a very cold clay or clay that was stored in a place that is a bit too warm.

Cernit Soft Mix is available in 56g pieces.

The baking mode of the Cernit does not change if you use the Soft Mix!


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