Supracolor Soft Aquarelle Pencils Booklet – Caran d’Ache


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One colour chart per type allowed (Maximum of 3 colour charts in total per order).

Supracolor Soft Aquarelle – the water-soluble colour pencil.  A Compact brochure showing the range of colours, the sets in which they are found, information on the sets and a few techniques.

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Supracolor Soft Aquarelle pencils offer a huge range of water-soluble colour leads in 120 finely nuanced shades. Designed for every creative profession, the Supracolor Soft range offers a wide variety of applications thanks to intensely luminous colours and excellent covering power.

While designed for large, broad works, the soft, large-diameter 3.8 mm leads are nevertheless extremely robust and display exemplary lightfastness, while their colour opacity and pigment quality ensure long-lasting use. Pencil drawings can thus be faded out, blended with fingertips, textured by rubbing the lead on a piece of sandpaper and using the pigment dust as watercolours.



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