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These versatile markers are popular for product design, architecture, fashion design, comic illustration, automotive design and crafts. Now Copic markers are distributed in more than 50 countries around the world and receiving international acclaim.





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How to maintain your Copic markers

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How to use a Colorless Blender (No. 0)

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How to Layering& Colour on Colours

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What is Copic?

COPIC is a name of alcohol-based markers as well as a brand name of related products (such as pens, papers and plastic-made color samples) sold by Too group.The versatile COPIC products are loved by professionals in broad range of industry including the fields of fine art, graphic design, illustration, animation, manga, film, fashion design, product design, automotive design, architecture, landscape architecture and craft.


Colour on Colours

Copic inks can be layered or blended even the color is different. Even if you just changing the order of applying the color, you’ll get a different result. Try many variations and create your own color.