Meet Fathima Kathrada: Hand Letterer and Illustrator

One of the perks of being involved with the Artsavingsclub blog is having a great excuse to chat with other creatives. I am very inspired by their ideas and journeys and Fathima Kathrada is no exception. She has an easy laugh, bubbling spirit and I could have chatted with her all day. Her energy and passion for design are truly contagious!

A Journey of a Thousand Contours – Meet Artist Diane Shearer

I think I might want to be Diane Shearer when I grow up. Yep, a funny way to start a blog interview, but if you’ve had a look through her website and Instagram posts you will understand why a nature-lover like myself would be enthralled. Diane is an adventurer at heart with a creative soul and has found the perfect way to combine her two passions. Her images speak of someone with a love for high and wide places and remind of a birds’ eye view. I love the details she inserts so effortlessly into her sketches – flowers, trees and interesting cloud formations adorn her contoured images. She enjoys suggesting movement and life and I can feel the energy in her drawings.

A chat with Contemporary Portrait Artist Chaz Williams

I find other artists and their stories very insightful and inspiring and I was therefore very excited when contemporary portrait artist Chaz Williams agreed to answer a few questions.  I think his predominantly oil portraiture work is fascinating and have been following him on Instagram for quite a while.  The arty Capetonian started taking his art a little more seriously when a ‘little Mandela sketch’ he did, ended up selling for more than expected after a local portrait competition.  He is very involved with charity and regularly auctions off artwork in favour of various charities.

A Chat with Self Taught Artist Janet Bester

I came across Janet’s colourful art on Instagram and was instantly fascinated.  So much of what we see seems to be dark and dreary and here is an artist who absolutely embraces colour and life it seems.

A Chat with Wildlife and Equine Artist Graham Kearney

Recently I had the opportunity to chat with well-known Equine and Wildlife Artist Graham Kearney.  I confess to being more than a little starstruck as I have been following his career for close on 7 or 8 years and have always been in awe of his work.

A Chat with Fine Artist Mariaan Kotze


I was lucky enough to connect with Mariaan Kotze – an artist who really inspired me with the diversity in her artforms and the bold imagery she combines to portray her vision.