Painting with Bob Ross – Become a Painting Master

If you are reading this you probably know him already. The artist with the soothing voice and impressive afro hairstyle that paints happy landscapes. The world’s most recognised artist on television. Loved by millions of fans for his engaging painting lessons. Yes, Bob Ross is the legend who continues to inspire artists the world over with his series The Joy of Painting. Now South African fans can paint along with Bob Ross using his official painting materials.

thINK like a printer

Firstly let’s get the CMYK acronym out into the open – it stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Yes, I know ‘black’ is with a ‘B’ so why not CMYB? Well, ‘B’ is already used for ‘Blue’ in RGB, so it would be confusing. The ‘K’ apparently stands for Key (or perhaps its just the last letter of black… who knows). CMYK is the standard in the printing industry, and pretty much most of what you see these days, by way of printed media, is CMYK. Anyone who’s ever owned a colour inkjet printer is sure to recall buying ink cartridges in those four colours, with which you could print almost anything – even full-colour photographs.

Brilliant Gouache Painting with Winsor & Newton

There is something vaguely nostalgic about painting with gouache.  I could not quite explain it until I realised that I had painted with gouache before as a child.  The powder paint I used to use as a child was a type of gouache and is still available today.  But the name is about all that is the same when compared to the paint I am using now.  They are still paints in much the same way as a Trabant and an Aston Martin are still cars.  In every other respect, they are entirely different.

My Watercolour Journey – Meet Mungyo

Watercolours have always intrigued me although its been a medium I have never really pursued – mostly because the first few times I tried them I failed dismally.

Bold and Bright Van Gogh Oil Paints by Royal Talens

What’s in a name? ponders Juliet in Shakespspeare’s famous play.  As it turns out quite a lot actually.  For a start it would be a pity to call a rose a clivia, for example.  Imagine the disappointment on Valentine’s Day.  So when Dutch paint manufacturer Royal Talens came out with the Van Gogh brand of paints they had to meet certain expectations.