Bleed Proof Marker Pad 75gsm – Touch


Do you love using markers, but struggle with the bleed-through effect? Get a pad of white and smooth but absorbent bleed proof paper. Convenient and affordable, you can use your markers without panicking about the surface underneath. You can also use quill pens, practice calligraphy or draw with fountain pens.

30 Sheets
A4, A3 & A2 Sizes

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The smooth, hard surface of these bleed proof papers used for the Touch Marker pads are convenient and economical. They come in brilliant white and provide the ideal surface for detailed pen-and-ink illustrations rendered for reproduction with crow quill pens, broad drawing pens, calligraphy, markers, or fountain pens. Each pad has 30 sheets. Available in A2, A3 and A4 sizes.


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