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The Mungyo Glass Paint Palette with magnetic paint pans is exactly what artists need in the studio. The glass of the palette is the same quality used in a Smartphone or TV, resulting in a tough, damage-resistant surface. Consisting of steel with a layer of glass on top, the glass palette attracts the magnetic paint pans, holding them securely. These pans can be arranged anywhere on the glass palette, they will stick to the surface, ensuring no accidental spills.

These pans have a magnet on the bottom and they can interlock with one another. Create your own unique colour palettes by writing the paint colour name or number on top of the pan. Switch the blocks around, and you can recreate new colour palettes continuously! All types of paint can be used on this palette without the glass staining, in fact, acrylic paint can be peeled off with ease and other paint can be removed with a damp cloth. Approximate size: 27 x 37 cm.


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