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Do not underestimate this little sharpener! A well-sharpened pencil point is essential for achieving fine lines and working on details and for that, you need a good sharpener. Cretacolor Artists Sharpener makes working with Artists and Pastel Pencils (Sanguine, Sepia, Charcoal, White and Black Pastel, Fine Art Pastel) an absolute pleasure. It can accommodate pencils with a diameter up to 7mm.

Well-sharpened points are essential for achieving fine lines and working on details.

Replace sharpeners or blades regularly for best results, especially if using pastel and chalk-based pencils.

This single blade sharpener is securely housed within a transparent plastic dome, giving a clear view of the pencil point you are sharpening and also keeping the shavings contained – so no mess! The plastic housing is easy to remove, making the cleaning of the sharpener hassle-free.


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