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Lukas Studio Gouache  Set of 6  Set 1  – Now R149 / Was R325
Lukas Studio Gouache  Set of 6  Set 2  – Now R149 / Was R325
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High opacity is the key feature of an excellent gouache colour. LUKAS STUDIO GOUACHE fulfils this requirement by using the most refined pigments. The colour has very good mixing behaviour, which makes it ideal for the colour theory. All shades have a very good to excellent lightfastness (6 to 8 on the blue wool scale). The use of selected vegetable oils ensures the excellent properties of LUKAS STUDIO GOUACHE. Suitable to use on all types of absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces (paper, cardboard, canvas, etc.).


Product Features:

  • A very pronounced colour intensity and highest lightfastness.
  • Excellent mixing behaviour and flow property.
  • Resistant to wipe and eraser.
  • Water dilutable but remains water-soluble even after drying.
  • Dries to an opaque, velvet matte finish.


Gouache Set 1 Gouache Set 2
  • Opaque White 8007
  • Primary Yellow 8024
  • Yellow Ochre 8031
  • Primary Red (Magenta) 8060
  • Primary Blue (Cyan) 8121
  • Ivory Black 8182
  • Opaque White 8007
  • Primary Yellow 8024
  • Yellow Ochre 8031
  • Primary Red (Magenta) 8060
  • Brilliant Green Blue 8131
  • Ivory Black 8182


Each Set includes 6 x 20ml tubes.

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LUKAS Studio Gouache dries to a velvety, matte finish that is perfect for reproduction, but as it’s a watercolour the paint film will remain workable and the lightfast pigments ensure lasting results. All 48 brilliant colours are available in 20ml tubes, and Ivory Black and Opaque White in 75ml tubes.

Lukas Studio Gouache Sets are opaque watercolours made with a gum arabic and dextrin binder with a special additive so you can paint big without streaking. Totally lightfast with extremely intense, brilliant colours that dry to an even, velvety matte finish.


Gouache Sets

Gouache Set 1, Gouache Set 2


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