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PanPastel Colors are professional artists’ quality soft pastel colours packed in a unique pan format (cake-like). The special qualities of PanPastel Colors mean that artists can blend and apply dry colour like fluid paint for the first time.

Loaded with the highest quality artists’ pigments; PanPastel Colors are made using a unique manufacturing process requiring minimal binder and fillers, resulting in a rich, ultra soft and low dust formulation. The professional quality colours are highly pigmented, have excellent lightfastness and are fully erasable. Uniquely, for pastel colour, they can be mixed together for a complete painting palette. PanPastel Colors are fully compatible with traditional pastel sticks, pastel surfaces, conventional fixatives and other artists’ colours.

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There are 12 different colour kits available in the 7 colour selection. Please refer to the colour chart to see all the colours in each kit.

Lia Griffith Designer Kit Colour Chart

Weathering Kit Greys, Grime & Soot Colour Chart

Weathering Kit Rust & Earth Colour Chart

Basic Colors Kit Colour Chart

Landscape Starter Kit Colour Chart

Portrait Starter Kit Colour Chart

Sketch & Tone Kit Colour Chart

Exploring Mixed Media 1 Kit Colour Chart

Exploring Mixed Media 2 Kit Colour Chart

Greyscale Kit Colour Chart

Skin Tones Kit Colour Chart

Colour Disclaimer. Actual colours may vary. This is due to the fact that every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and that everyone sees these colours differently. We cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product.

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Each set except the Lia Griffith Designer Kit and The Weathering Kits contain:

  • 7 x  9 ml PanPastel Colors
  • Palette tray and cover
  • 1 Sofft painting knife
  • 2 Sofft knife covers
  • 1 Sofft sponge bar
  • 1 Sofft angle slice sponge


The Lia Griffith Designer Kit contains:

  • 7 x  9 ml PanPastel Colors
  • Palette tray and cover
  • 3 Sofft sponge bars


The Weathering Kit: Rust & Earth, and The Weathering Kit: Greys, Grime & Soot; contains:

  • 7 x  9 ml PanPastel Colors
  • Palette tray and cover
  • 1 Sofft painting knife
  • 5 Sofft knife covers
  • 2 Sofft sponge bars


Sets available:

  • The Basic Color Starter Set – 30071 (Primary colours with green and brown, and black and white)
  • Landscape Starter Set – 30072
  • Portrait Starter Set – 30073
  • Sketch & Tone – 30074
  • Skin Tones -30081
  • Greyscale -30079


Inspired by DIY designer Lia Griffith, this perfect palette of colours are ideal to add depth and detail to paper flowers and other papercrafts or to create beautiful artworks in spring meadow colours.

  • Lia Griffith Designer Kit 


The following Kits was compiled in collaboration with Donna Downey, a mixed media artist who is also a best-selling author, instructor, and all-around creative force!

  • Exploring Mixed Media 1 
  • Exploring Mixed Media 2 


The perfect  Kits for the models & miniatures enthusiasts who want to create realistic weathering effects in seconds.

  • The Weathering Kit: Rust & Earth (selection of brown colours)
  • The Weathering Kit: Greys, Grime & Soot (Selection of greys, white and black)


More on PanPastels:

  • PanPastel is highly Pigmented  loaded with the highest quality artists pigment
  • Professional quality & Excellent Lightfastness
  • They are easy to control and  pastel colours can be applied and mixed(dry) like paint
  • The pan format and their ultra-soft formulation mean that PanPastel Colors blend beautifully for an infinite palette of colours.
  • Artists can achieve a variety of marks & layers – from transparent to intense
  • Adding white – changes the colour by tinting it, making it more opaque
  • Layering – applying thinner layers and glazing layers allows colours underneath to show through
  • Colours can also be applied in heavier layers on textured papers for more opaque effects
  • Many layers can be built up without flooding the tooth of the paper
  • PanPastel is a very forgiving medium to use – use any eraser to correct mistakes or remove the colour. An eraser can also be used to create highlights and for subtractive drawing techniques.
  • Mixed Media friendly. Compatible with other artist’s media and almost any art & craft surface (even thin delicate papers as there is no bleed-through or buckling because PanPastel is dry colour).
  • Instant Colour – No preparation or drying time required – no solvents or water needed
  • No solvents, water or other special mediums are required – use PanPastel colours “dry” for the benefits of wet paint without the hassle.
  • Easy Clean-Up – Clean pan gently by wiping away the contaminated surface with a paper towel
  • Low Dust – For a cleaner working environment & less waste
  • Using Sofft Tools it is easy to control the colour and to achieve a wide variety of marks and effects


Perfect For:

  • Painting (with & without pastel sticks, pencils and other media
  • Blend and apply dry colour like fluid paint
  • Great for pastel washes, backgrounds and underpaintings
  • Control painterly effects—from intense to delicate pastel marks
  • Drawing – for sketching & blocking-in drawings
  • Use for dry-in-dry techniques—mix and blend like paint
  • Subtractive (reductive) techniques – tone paper with PanPastel then subtract drawing using an eraser
  • Underpaintings e.g. initial sketch for paintings
  • Backgrounds e.g. for coloured pencils
  • Colour studies before painting in other media e.g. oils
  • Ultra-thin “glazing” layers, Panpastels will not overfill the “tooth”
  • Use PanPastel to Enhance Watercolour Paintings


More on PanPastel Colours:

PanPastel Colors are genuine professional artists quality soft pastels uniquely packaged in stacking and interlocking pans. These are the softest pastels in the world.

PanPastels were developed to provide a dry colour medium that works like fluid paint. With PanPastels, artists can lift, apply and control pastel (dry) colour just like paint. PanPastel is packed in a very convenient format.

The unique pan format holds the colour like paint for easy application. The plastic pan keeps colours separate and clean in the studio and when transporting them. The pans thread/interlock securely together for compact storage, but only the top one has a lid. Each base is labelled for easy colour identification with a colour name and number, making it easy to access and organize the colours. The label, with colour name and number, remains with the colour pan for easy identification.

Palette Trays are also available. These functional palettes are the ideal way to hold PanPastel in use, and also makes storage of the colours quick and easy.


PanPastel Colors are made using a unique manufacturing process requiring minimal binder and fillers, resulting in rich, ultra-soft, low dust and super-blendable colours. Each Colour is loaded with the finest professional-quality artists pigments for the most concentrated colours possible. The colours have excellent lightfastness and are fully erasable. PanPastel Colors offer at least 4-5 times more coverage than average artist pastel sticks.

***Pans contain 9ml of colour –40% more material than the average pastel stick*, yielding at least 4-5 times more coverage than sticks.

*[Average, based on a survey of leading brands]


PanPastel Colors are fully compatible with traditional pastel sticks, pastel surfaces and conventional fixatives. Although it is not essential, any pastel fixative/varnish spray can be used to protect PanPastel artwork. Whether or not to use fixative and the technique chosen depends on personal preference, the working method and the surface. They can be mixed, blended, layered and applied like paint for an infinite palette of colours.

Artists are not only using PanPastel for traditional painting and drawing techniques, but they are also being used for countless mixed media techniques as well since they work well with pastel sticks, markers, pencils and other artists colours and mediums.  An important characteristic of PanPastel Colors is that they work well on many different surfaces – from very low tooth to high tooth (from delicate surfaces through to toothy pastel (sand-paper) surfaces and everything in between). Experiment with a range of drawing papers, pastel papers, canvas, vellum, watercolour papers, print-making papers, cardstock, digital/ink-jet papers (matt) or artboards. PanPastel Colors will not cause lightweight papers to “buckle” being a dry medium, and the Sofft sponge tools are gentle on delicate papers such as Japanese handmade papers.

With PanPastel, it is possible to create more painterly effects. The artist can apply controlled marks, from intense to delicate – ultra-thin glazing layers and veils of colour. It is possible to block in large areas of colour in seconds, for backgrounds, underpainting, and tinting paper. PanPastels clean up easily.

PanPastels are available in sets which include a selection of colours and Sofft Tools, specifically developed for use with PanPastels. Sofft Tools can also be used with most water-based art and craft materials to create a variety of exciting new techniques, marks and effects. Finished effects are different from brushes as the brush stroke is eliminated.

Not for cosmetic use.


First Impressions: The PanPastel Colors Experience

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