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How long has it been since you’ve had paint or ink all over your fingers? You love art and so do we. Beginner artists, students and professional studio gurus are all welcome here!

We make it easy for you to get quality art supplies, wherever you are in South Africa, at an affordable price. Moreover, we want to help you navigate the bewildering palette of options.

Let’s chat about solutions that help you create the art you dream about. No more driving hours and hours to a stuffy boutique art store. No more intimidating shelves full of “serious” equipment for “professionals only.” Art is about having a great time creating, because we are all made to create.

Do you have questions about which tools to use for your projects? We’ll be there with answers. Need a delivery? You’ll get a personalised package and an invitation to share what works for you.

Artists and creatives are our family (yes, we all share the craziness). Our available products grow about as fast as you do, so you’ll never run out of new tools to explore and techniques to try. Your feedback guides our product offering, so talk to us about your art, methods, favorite tools and media.

We also partner closely with art schools, offering an unbeatable value offering and affiliate program. We specialize in custom art packs from a range of suppliers at the most affordable  prices. Get in touch for more details.

Enjoy getting the supplies you need to create the art you dream about.

Shipping Policy:

First off – we ALWAYS aim to get your order shipped as soon as possible! Usually you will receive your order within 5-8 working days but it can take slightly longer (or it can be even quicker!) Shipping times are based on product status and sometimes things are beyond our control. Delivery times are estimations and it is hard to guarantee exact delivery times. After your order has been processed and it is ready to ship – we will notify you with the details and when you can expect your very special package! Currently our couriers don’t deliver after hours, during weekends or on public holidays.

A Standard Courier Fee of R80 applies to all orders below R450.00. 

T&C’s Apply

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