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This product is the solution to restore or paint the bottom of your hard soles to a brilliant Red. This is a stain type paint with an additional hardening agent specifically formulated to paint the bottom or sides of hard-soled shoes such as leather soled shoes, dress shoes, or heels. This ensures a good grip on the shoe soles. Angelus “Walk on Red” acrylic paint will give your shoes a brand-new look. You can also use the paint for small details like the toecaps or heels of the shoes. Yes, you can change Black or Nude to Red as well (but use our Angelus Preparer and Deglazer first).

Please note that the “Walk on” paints are only suitable for leather soles!

Product features:

  • Restores, colors and extends life of shoe bottoms and heels.
  • Suitable for all leather-soled shoes.
  • Can be painted over other colours.
  • Will not crack or peel.
  • Water-based for easy clean up.
  • Available in a 60ml tub.


Warning: Keep from Children. Avoid contact with eyes.


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