Neocolor I and II Crayons Brochure – Caran d’Ache


One colour chart per type allowed (Maximum of 3 colour charts in total per order).

Water-resistant wax pastel and water-soluble pastel.  A combined brochure showing techniques and a colour chart.

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Caran d’Ache NEOCOLOR II Water-soluble pastel crayons – 10 assorted colours. For more than 100 years the high-quality products of the Swiss company, Caran d’Ache, have opened the eyes of aspiring artists to the world of colour. All the company’s fine art products like NEOCOLOR II are manufactured entirely in its Geneva workshops where great care is taken to respect the environment and the health of all artists.

Neocolor® I water-resistant wax oil pastels are must-have medium much loved by artists, technical designers, teachers and Fine Art students alike. Internationally known by its name and a pioneer in the field, Neocolor® I revolutionised the world of drawing and art teaching from the time of its creation in 1952 in the Caran d’Ache workshops.

Its excellent coverage, the smoothness of texture, the luminosity of the 50 colours in the entire range, together with its resistance to water and extreme lightfastness, make it one of the pillars of the Geneva-based Manufacture.

The Neocolor® I’s properties enable countless applications on all kinds of backgrounds or materials. Suited to endless forms of artistic expression – from strokes to flat-wash, sgraffito or hot-wax painting, its colours remain as luminous as ever on coloured or dark materials.


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