Pastel & Pencil Extender – Caran d’Ache


This Hexagonal Metal Crayon Holder from Caran d’Ache is suitable for use with 8-9mm crayons, pastels, and graphite sticks.

The black holder is made from metal, giving the barrel a nice solid feel. It measures 10,56cm in length and is very easy to use – just press the button at the end of the holder to open the claw, insert the drawing tool and release the button. This will ensure that the drawing tool is secure in the holder. The crayon holder will keep the fingers clean whilst also ensuring that the last remaining remnant of the crayon pastel or pencil is utilized. The hexagonal shape of the barrel prevents this tool from rolling off the table.

Suitable for use with Neocolor I & Neocolor II Wax Pastels and Graphite, but will also fit certain square drawing media such as Derwent Inktense Blocks.


The following Caran d’Ache mediums will fit snuggly in this holder: 

  • Neocolour I & II
  • Luminance 6901
  • Museum Aquarelle
  • Graphite Line
  • Graphite Line Grafwood


Will NOT work with the following Caran d’Ache mediums: but the small diameter metal extender from Caran D’Ache will work with these products

  • Neopastels
  • Supracolor
  • Pastel Cubes
  • Museum Aquarelle
  • Grafstone
  • Technalo


View our Caran metal pencil lengthener.

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Caran D’Ache pencil extenders allow you to use your pencils and crayons efficiently down to the last stump.

  • Large diameter clutch-type pencil extender fits comfortably onto Luminance, Museum Aquarelle, Grafwood, Pastel Pencil, Neopastel, Neocolor I, and Neocolor II. Sturdy metal construction with a pencil style clutch design with release push button on the cap
  • Small diameter metal pencil extender, fits Supracolor Soft, Pablo, Prismalo, and Swisscolor pencils.






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