Sketcher Non-Photo Blue Pencil Booklet – Caran d’Ache


One colour chart per type allowed (Maximum of 3 colour charts in total per order).

Dry and soft sketching pencil with a blue lead that is fine, soft and strong. It can be used both for drawing fine lines and for working with the flat side in rough sketches. This little brochure is full of information on the Sketcher blue pencil.

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Sketcher/Non-Photo Blue Pencil – 2-piece blister pack/903.302

  • Fine dry blue pencil that’s both soft and resistant, allowing you to create fine and broad strokes for basic sketching.
  • Easy to erase thanks to the pencil-tip eraser included for correcting sketches as often as you like while preserving clean lines.
  • The blue line does not show in black and white reproductions (scans, photocopies, etc.). Inking can be done over the initial sketch and is not therefore affected by the eraser work.
  • Ideal for comics, animation and illustrations, also useful for artistic sketches in numerous fields such as fashion design, design, architecture, etc.



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